Before we started our work, we carried out an extensive research of the methods and technologies for growing snails. According to the geography of the terrain, the specific climatic and soil characteristics, we chose the French (semi-intensive) method as the most suitable for our farm. Currently we grow snails of the most popular type – Helix Aspersa Maxima (Gros-Gris).

The farm was built and registered in compliance with all standards and requirements. All the equipment has been purchased from leading European companies in the field, consistent with the latest cultivation technologies. The production cycle includes all stages of snail development.

We are proud of the fact that after extensive research and many tests, with the help of experts, we managed to create our own formula of natural ingredients for snail feed. It is produced in a certified fodder plant and is consistent with the specific needs of the snails, as evidenced by the excellent taste of our products.



Our desire is to continue to work hard to maintain the high quality of our snails.

Our goal is to further expand our production activities by increasing the capacity of the plots of the farm and build facilities for storage and processing of snails.